Every little nickel and dime and $18 counts!

Today, I reduced my comcast bill by $18 per month by returning the rented modem and using my own modem and also, removing the digital boxes from two tvs we hardly ever watch.

That’s $216 saved each year and sadly, $3456 we spent on renting these items over the 16 years we have lived here.  $3456!! That actually makes me a little sick. For that amount of money, I could take a family to Disney world! Buy a used car for a struggling friend!

Are you paying these fees? If you are, I want to challenge you to make a change and swap out your rented modem for a shiny new modem that you own. It’s not difficult, albeit a little intimidating.  I purchased the Arris SB6183 modem from Bestbuy, called comcast, told the agent the serial number for the activation, attached the power cord, the ethernet cord and voila! We had internet!

I gathered up the old modem, power cord, the guest room digital boxes with their cords and remotes, and took advantage of a great new partnership comcast has with UPS. I dropped off the equipment, signed my name, and they shipped it back for free.

It was that easy!

I  added the OBI202 google voice box, which is very reasonable, chose a google voice number (free), set up a $15 annual 911 call locator, and we were set. Now we have our house phone with a new number which I chose, our mobiles, and thankfully, we will no longer be hearing from “Rachel at card services.”  Any voice mails come to me as a text and it all took less than two hours. If you want address-identifying 911 service from your house phone you will need to sign up for 911 service at Anveo or a similar service. Again, this was easy and done via the OBI website.

Was it a pain in the rear?

Yes, yes it was…just a little. But I took care of that with a slice of key lime pie.

Now, we have $18 per month back in to our budget where it belongs!

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